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Monday, June 29, 2009

teh calmest rant I've written

Why can't I bodily feel the 20 something I am in my heart and soul? Of course I know the answer is Entropy. The detailed answer on God's FAQ sheet is probably some blend of sardonic humor and peevish fatherly aversion that is the equivalent of "Because". The older I get the more my body usurps my mental energy, betrays my physical weaknesses and embarrasses me in public. The latest event has been the source of a new term at work. It is called a "Sherry Incident."
Last Monday I was sent home after almost passing out in the second floor linen room. The biggest culprit turned out to be a pinched nerve that had partially stopped the corotid artery from making its regular cerebral deliveries. The nausea was obviously a result of being lightheaded; something my body tolerates only as relates to blonde moments, and then only grudgingly so. All and sundry are blaming it on the heat. Heat is only an issue because the HVAC design engineer got his education from a Bazooka Joe wrapper. And that is not what made me sick. But that is what everyone thinks and now I'm the wilting lily instead of the Stargazer. The fun hasn't stopped there.
I've just about recovered from improper work conditions because my regular folding table was lost in shipping, I'm being attacked by my insides again. I'm coming into a period of my life where my cycle is as painful as it was as a teen, forcing me from school 3 days out of every month. I was so unremarkable is school that my attendance record doesnt reflect that. Teachers all thought I was still there. Unfortunately that won't work in this stage of my life. I'll be missed. Nothing works liek it used to. Dad said this would happen. It just FEELS too soon. I know it isn't. I'm almost 40. Still... betrayal sucks.
Entropy=Epic fail.