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Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Everybody say hi to Shayne and go check out his blog. Its mostly political, Dallas cowboys related and full of interesting music stuff when he isn't preoccupied with life. Um, yeah, that is another request for some more light-hearted reading to take some of the edge out of the stabby side of life where politics and reason collide. I know there is no point in asking for common sense cause the world is pathetically depleted of that resource.

My dashboard still says I have 12 followers where there are only 11 on the front page. Someone is lurking in the ethers...


  1. No, YOU aren't stabby. It's that side of life where reason and politics collide that is stabby. That special place where common sense is absent and the concept that we should politely share life/planet/air is painfully absent is the stabby place full of stabby people.