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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Playing with the Knave of Hearts

What am I to do about Sir Knight? He is in the midst of another one of his pull away maneuvers. I asked for an innocent favor because it was about health and not teasing him. He said no. I then did what I am prone to do when I am displeased; I ignore the offender. I guess he didn't like that. One avoided glance, the barest whiff of disdain and he sat his butt on a counter and waited until I was ready to leave the room. He followed me out the door like a puppy. And ya know what? I hate that imagery. I hate it! Hate it! Hate it! Not only does it seem emasculating but dehumanizing. And it is. He made me deal a girl card from the bottom of the deck and I hate that. Of course I am surprised it worked, I really tend to suck at those kinds of things. But I am angry that it was even necessary. And I got what I wanted. Knots removed from shoulder, failed to pass out from the pinched nerves. Sir Knight did as he always does... deliver the goods with a cheery disposition after the requisite refusal.
Then bragged about it. I wasn't gonna say anything to anybody about it because I was shocked and touched by the gesture. And because I thought talking about it was cheap. But he went right to the person in front of whom he declined my request most unknightly, I might add, and told her that I talked him into it.
I think Sir Knight has been demoted to a knave. And if he thinks hes gonna run off with this Queen of Hearts' tarts he's in for one hell of a rude awakening.