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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hanging over a steaming lava pit...

your fingers are cramping and they want to let go of the only stable hold you have on your life. If you let go you die a miserable death. If you find that shot of adrenaline that gets you back to solid ground instead of dangling from a frayed rope what awaits? Were I Indiana Jones the answer would be murderous Nazis. Given the choice?

Since there is always the chance of out thinking, out running or fast talking your way out of a predicament involving another human being we chose to climb up that rope. So hello again, fellas.

I was about to give up again on the whole idea of a guy in my life for any reason for the umpteenth time. The last post about the whole dating thing was pretty clear. I've met with little success. Oh sure, I have new trek friends. And don't get me wrong; I can not have enough trek friends. And I have found myself the big sister to a nice bunch of guys. But I'm well sick of being the big sister as you can imagine. So in wanders a new flirt. But not just any flirt. its a flirt with a great email attached.

Obviously as a writer the ability to communicate above the level of cromagnon grunts is key to my interest in anyone. If i can't stand how you write your introduction to me it is a safe bet I'll hate talking to you. If I've learned nothing else, I have learned to be an even bigger language snob. At this stage, all systems are a go. We have tons in common even though I don't understand a word of his technobabble. Yeah, I don't get half of what Geordie and Wesley say either, but that is TV. All in all I think there are some good signs here. Relocation is going to be a huge factor. But if I've been looking for my own chivalrous knight I may not be looking to far as that is what his last name means.

Fingers crossed that my ambivalence which is prevalent throughout this blog doesn't turn him off before he finds out what you all keep telling me... its just the bravado talking. For better or worse, much as I hate climbing up that rope to face humanity I hate the idea of molten lava even more.

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