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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bite my gizzard

and other geek idioms.

Bite my gizzard is the Wheaton's expression of kiss my ass/chewed my ass and in general is a great non specific, totally geek expression of frustration that can be spoken to the non-geek source of your frustration. Non geeks know it means something but are not sure what it is. And, as my sister and I found while playing Mad Libs, gizzard is a great funny word rarely used outside of poultry husbandry.

While cruising through my dashboard of blogs I follow I found another phrase:
to crunch a marmoset.

I have no idea for what it could be a stand in. It is vivid. It is the wrong species to rewrite "to kill a mockingbird". I don't think that there would be anything of a social commentary behind the marmoset like there was with TKAMockingbird.

When I think of marmosets with those big watery eyes I think of little kids in anticipation of forgiveness or presents. So maybe "to crunch a marmoset" will now mean "Way to kill my hopes and dreams you big stupid neanderthal of a human being". I think. I don't know. But I'll use it at work and see how it flies.

This new phrase has been brought to you via if you want to check out her stuff. And will someone tell me why the bookstore scene in her post looks so familiar?

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