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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another welcome & some encouragement

Say Hi to A Literary Treat.
True, while not a registered follower, Lit Treat did leave a comment and I still welcome him/her to the fold. Lit Treat is a new blogger with talent. I hope this blog continues in as many incarnations as is required to keep up with his/her author's evolution.

For a long time this little plot of geekdom, barely considered a legal parcel size among the kingdom's surveyors and tax assessors (Gods let's hope we don't get taxed on the time we blog!!!!!), was just me and Shayne keepin up with keepin up with each other and jotting down the odd thought. But in the last few months I've noticed that the readership is increasing and attracting exactly the kind of people I was looking for... namely other writers.

Most of those writers are new to blogging. As mentioned with our first official follower, it takes time to build readership. None of us are Wil Wheaton and it is unlikely that we will amass the reading fellowship of his community. We will, however, as the saying goes, attract like minded people to our respective cogs in this great machine. May will be my second year blogging. The readership is yet small. But that was never my goal.

My goal was to force myself to write, to get used to the idea of refining my thoughts in print for publication and make a few connections if possible. It was never my goal to compete with Wil but to experience some of the things that his blog demonstrates: positive evolution of writing style, exploration of geeky things that I didn't know existed and make a few friends. If that is the best that I can hope for that is good enough. Though I do know there is more.

The more is the reason that I will keep writing. It is the reason that I want all of you to keep writing. Your refined materials will teach someone something that has eluded them, encourage where no other words or feelings have helped and bring something positive into the world when these chaotic times threaten to topple our meager existences. Over time your readership will build. It may never make you rich in monetary gains as directly as blog post=money.But it will make you rich in ways that you cannot yet imagine. *cue ObiWan theme*

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