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Thursday, May 27, 2010

happy ensues

And I can't even really begin to understand or explain how the happy happens. Serendipitous convergence of unpredictable events eliciting positive emotional response? I suppose. Yet, this almost never happens in a blood pressure reducing way. And for once I am not retreated into a coffee shop to hide. Today I am celebrating the happy with a frosty German Chocolate Cooler.

Work was fun today. The "Old Self" of my friend showed up and stuck around for a few days. And I am hoping that this version is more permanent. But the "Old Me" has stuck around for a few days. And I am hoping that I stick around for a while too.

I got the help that I asked for, made a few points and didn't have anything horrid materialize on my folding table. Yes. Horrid happens in Hotels. But today was pleasant. I got most everything done htat needed to be done and managed to laugh in the process.

How can that be better?

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  1. I love when you're happy. It makes me happy too.