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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Geek sigh [facepalm]

Just caught a preview for the Green Hornet. I knew it was coming because there was a fan vid being promulgated on Twitter last Summer. The fan vid was cool, a case for Nathan Fillion as the Green Hornet. So now youtube has the previews. Wanna guess who gets to be the Green Hornet? Seth Rogan. Really?

See the problem with everything that I saw is that the Green Hornet from the serials my mother watched while the world revcovered from the Big War and the comics that I read as a kid is that GH was not... ever A COMPLETELY BUMBLING IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess this movie will make a case for the sidekick being more adroit than the hero which will make all of us who are struggling with the inane obscurity of our lives feel a bit better about punching in at work.

But the hero is someone to look up to. You aren't supposed to want to hide under your theater seat because the hero is a moron. Your eyes are supposed to be glued to the screen enjoying the action and soaking up the exemplary behavior, learning to emulate while your admiration deepens. You are NOT supposed to watching your life line splintering in the palm of your hand!!!!

Now I wonder how Hawaii 5-0 is going to be ruined. Thank God they were kind to the Holmes story. At least not EVERYONE in Hollywood is a baseless coward, afraid to do something new and adventurous. In a case like this if their were an honest way to do futures (see previous post on subject) then I wold totally take the bet against this one and send some unnamed Guido on a leg breaking trip.

The good thing about this. And it is the ONLY good thing. In the fall when Big Bang Theory comes back Sheldon will have something wickedly scathing and derisive to say about this that will entertain me for weeks thereafter.

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