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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jimmy Hoffa's in the Box Office taking your money

Okay now I'm getting really really really angry. Trading BOX-OFFICE FUTURES??????

Are you kidding me? That's what is driving up the cost of gas when the barrel prices say it should be otherwise. These jackals will bet on anything. They've already ruined health care and now they want to ruin the movies. Unbelievable!!! Everything that is run on the futures market is a scam.

No I can't support those statements with facts. I don't care to do more right now than start with point a and present point z. Futures have ruined the Ag Industry, the Pharmaceuticals, Real Estate, and even our utilities. We the consumer are the ones who end up paying to cover their bets. Just look around you at the things that are expensive and never used to be. I know, inflation. But inflation is artificially jacked up by the futures market.

Thankfully congress is smarter than those pariahs. But who's to say some group of elected officials down the road won't succumb to the stupidity.

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