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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Here's what an Encyclopedia can't do

I just spent the afternoon watching PAUL MCCARTNEY LIVE IN HYDE PARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


How much more cool does it get? Yeah yeah yeah... Sting. Matti. ...not the point. I just lamented the loss of printed compendiums because you can't "feel" the world. But Paul played to a great crowd who chose him over the World Cup. And I got to watch it live. Singing with the crowd. Crying with the happy and absolutely tickled that life is good enough for the whole world to watch if it wants to. This is what the Internets can do for you.

Youtube hosted with twitter. So just like all of us who got together over the Spiner fic thing last year, we got to watch and comment together; people all over the world. It was amazing. I wonder if concerts could go that route in the future.


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