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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

New Feature

Every once in a while I look over what Blogger has going on for the brave writers who use their services. Today I saw that they have added a feature that lets blog readers share posts that they like. I've seen it on Wil's blog and thought "Wow... I would like that." But then I thought "Why?" It isn't like anyone really reads this.

I know. But I was thinking that before I found out there were 8 of you confirmed readers and the handful that read without introducing yourselves. To you all, "Hi!" anyway. I keep getting random comments so I know that there are more of you reading based on whatever search brought you here. Of course ACG has a blog and lists me so I am sure some of you come from over his way. But yesterday while I was snooping on the Internets I found something very interesting: I'm being aggregated.

If you have not been introduced to the blessing/curse that is aggregation let me tell you about it. As best as I can tell there are legit news services who have programs that, upon using the proper keystroke, sends feelers out across the Webverse to collect new worthy items from the AP, New York Times and leading print news sources. They wrap everything that comes in from the feelers in a nice little package with track back links so that if you want the best range of information you can sign up for their site and have to only go to the one site. Reddit is Uncle Wil's favorite aggregator and is fairly popular. Aggregation sites don't just manage news.... as I found out.

Anyone remember back when I got on the German music kick and I mentioned that tape Messalina made for me? Well, one of those aggregators-for-non-news-purposes gobbled it up and posted it as a review for Peter Alexander on its website to sell some of its fine German musik wares. I don't mind that. Peter is wunderbar, glad to move some € and fan love his way. Of course I'm a bit miffed no one picked up on the Matthias Reim love. But hey... it isn't an intelligent search; it's just a search. And the site doesn't deal with Matti's style. But I've digressed again. I found some of the weirdest posts aggregated to INDONESIAN SITES???? HUH? Yeah. Not sure that makes any sense at all. But hey, if some guy on a beach facing the island of Guam gives two rats asses about my opinion on anything then more power to him. I'm sure my over use of the vernacular is good for some head scratching. I just think it is odd is all.

So in the spirit of cooperative musing, I decided to make it easier if you guys want to share things that amuse, annoy or make you scratch your heads. I enabled the share buttons so... engage.

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