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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ich denk an dich

Disclaimer. I do not have permission to use Matti's work here. And I am not trying to make fast money by riding his coattails. What I am trying to do is generate more fans. So I think I can be forgiven for a few quotes. I wish there were a better way to give you a sample of his music than Youtube videos. But alas... that is all there is. Try not to be distracted by the videos. Listen to the music.

One of my favorite songs from Matthias Reim is "Ich denk an dich", I think of you. it's one of those songs that calm the heart. In part the song's tempo is responsible for soothing the erves. But mostly it is Matti's voice. There is a sincerity, as I have said before, in the emotions he delivers in his performance. You can almost figure out what the song is about even if you don't speak any German.

My favorite verse is the last: Dass Erinnerrung suechtig macht,
hatte ich nicht in Traum gedacht
ich denk an dich
ich denk an dich

The loose translation is this Memory (of you) makes addiction
Had I not thought in a dream?
I think of you
I think of you

So far, Matti has been the only one to tell me that those compulsive thoughts that I have when I am in a relationship are normal. I don't know if they are healthy. Is it ever healthy when someone invades even your dreamlands? But that is what happens when you are in a relationship. When it is with a good person those dreams are pleasant. When it is the wrong person or someone who is toxic then your dreamscape seems to have a Wes Craven feel to it. Either way, they are in your thoughts and the fabric of your imagination.

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