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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fantasy is not Excluded from my World

I know it looks like my head is only on the money issues. But it isn't . I've just had a recent burst of super focused energy because my mind has been on things like the boyfriend, out TV dates and Killer Bunnies. Are you playing that yet? You need to get into a game before the starter decks blink out of existence forever. It's just plain old fun.
I've had a good Winter for just being able to clear the cobwebs out of my head. So while it looks a lot like slacking/doing nothing/time-wasting etc.. it has been necessary to the act of refocusing. You know.... forest for the trees kind of things. I am reading Martha Stewart's book The Martha Rules in tandem with an Evil Plans re-read and developing a short essay about contraction. Its is a physics and spiritual concept that lets shit happen in big ways. But that will come later. And just so no one thinks its all dry and dusty in my brain right now I shall extol the virtues of a new HBO show.

Anyone watching "Game of Thrones"? It is AWWWWWWWWESOME!!!!!!!!!! My absolute favorite part though is the title card. It is an animated D&D gaming map done to the nth degree. You know, the kind of thing that you would see in the basement of someone so obsessed and consumed by the act of creating worlds on paper that they had to make models until their fingers fell off and their eyes bled. It's kinda steampunky but really it looks like someone set the guts of a machine into one of those flat (not a globe) 3D contour maps that our teacher had on the wall in 8th grade. But WAY cooler. Yeah... the gaming jones is nibbling at my kidneys again.

Wonder if I could get the boyfriend into some old fashioned dice rolling role play...

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