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Friday, June 3, 2011

Oh the things that you hear....

I am furiously using my one hour of library time trying to catch up. The first thing I do is pull up my Matthias Reim play list on YouTube. Its 7 hours of reminders of why I love this man and curse the jerk that stole my Cd's from the church parking lot.

I made this list. I know what the songs are. So why, just now, did I just out of my skin for joy when Gibt Dein Herz um Keine Krone came on? I'd forgotten that I rearranged the list last week to reflect the fact that I only get an hour of Matze when I get online.

Keep in mind also that I hate country music. I have no love of Brooks and Dunn, Garth or anyone else. But I absolutely love this song. It's a happy country song. Nothing got lost. No one done somebody wrong. It's just toe tapping advice about not giving your heart away for passing pleasures or to people who don't deserve it. Matze starts out in full on army call voice and just keeps going.

Oooh! Romeo Weint. OMG..... I have to fix my computer. I can not go the whole Summer without the peace that comes from being able to rock, roll or boot scoot with this man. He really, for no discernible reason is able to bring me right out of what ever Angst I've worked myself into and right into reverie......

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