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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hope this Works

Well of all things fair and foul....
It seems I can only blog in the Blogger in Draft area and not my regular dashboard. Also gone is the ability to track my followers. They do nt appear on my front page. I can link from the dashboard but the page is blank. And the one time it did work they tell me that YouGotCrossed Son is my only friend.

Getting crossed doesn't sound like a positive thing. And right now there are only two bloggers, me and another, who know anything about it and are willing to sqwauck at blogger about it. Man what a pain in the ass.

And with my luck no one will be in for the holiday. So I will continue with my weekend and leave the profound for another time. Got the boyfriend hooked on Sudoku, played some killer bunnies, catching a little Voyage Home on Syfy after watching Big Bang Theory last night. Have some drawing to do later and a few hours to put in at work.... what an insanely dull weekend. But I needed it.

Later I will tell you all about this Summer's reading list. I have to get my but into Borders and have a look around. Our library is woefully understocked with current titles. Not that there is nothing fascinating on the shelf. Its just that I really want to read a couple of books that I heard about from USA Today articles, especially the one about the 80s. Sounds like a fascinating thing to me. And mostly because I want to see if the author got it right because he lived the 80s or if it is really lalme cause he is going by what his parents said.

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