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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Swiftly Changing Currents

I find that from one day to the next that I have to ammend my expectations. I now know that I can not count on any money from my fathers estate. I searched through everything that the county had on file and it seems that the house was sold under a non recorded land contract. This means that no funds can be administered until the term of the contract ends. At least 2 years. The worse part of it is that if the new owners default on the contract we have to go through the whole process again. There is no infusion of funds to propel me forward or pull me out of the homeless quagmire I am in.

This means that the likelihood of rooming with a co-worker is losing odds daily. That would have been a challenge all of its own since it would have predicated the demise of my dating relationship. But then the continued homelessness is slowly eroding the relationship anyway. One can not feel the confidence of being fully self-possessed when one can not manage to find a place to live. As the situation contiues he must wonder if I want him or a shower. And after a time, it seems only logical that I will wonder the same. That is not the kind of thing that a person wants to have running aroud their head....

I'll edit this later and finish my thoughts. I am bein called away.

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