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Monday, July 18, 2011

Moo Mu Moo

It looks as though I have found an outlet for Crazy Idea Number Whatever it is. While cruising the blogosphere a couple of days ago I found a site that is remarkably awesome in the User Friendly category. So in accordance with Uncle Hugh's directive to go forth and do what you love and make money doing it... I am investingating a company called I hear good things. And I see great things on the website. No, I am not ditching cafepress. I think that the print on demand thing is great. But I do not have software that is compatible with theirs. So until they have an uploader... i am at the mercy of my funds. But hey.... if you start small with what you have then you have no where to g o but up and forward. Right? Right. So.... greeting cards here we go. Will keep you updated on the progress both here and at the AOG blog. I want to keep these short and fun for the Summer. We can save the heavy postings for the Winter.

Also looking for a great deal on my own digi cam if anyone has any ideas. Boyfriend bought one for us to use on trips. But I need one that goes everywhere with me. Now that I know how this crazy internet thing works, Jane, I want to do short road trips around my area and take random awesome pictures whenever I want to... like last night's thunderstorm.

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