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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sequel to You've Got Mail

Well it looks like the Big Box Store that ate the Shop Around the Corner couldn't keep itself alive. We all fought liking the Big Box Store with its espresso bar and deep discounts. We were going to stay loyal to our Horizon. But even after the internal debates and protestations even the loyalists had to admit that there were things that Horizon could not do like Borders could. I do not know how you guys feel about Borders Books and Music closing its doors. I don't even know if all of you have a Borders. But its loss is significant to me. For the past 15 years that Borders has been here it has been my home and haven.

I was not going to like Borders, as I said. But Michelle, far more worldly than I, reminded me that both stores had something to offer for each person. And what Borders had that I wanted was the clip art books that would allow me some creative freedom and a snap shot of art history that I did not already have. And that did me in. Borders had everything. Everything that I ever wanted out of Waldenbooks was there without the Walden limitations.

And it had coffee. Books and caffeine... my primary addictions. The Borders cafe hosted local art for a long time. And it was away from the maddening crowds that drive locals away from Downtown in the Summer, close parking and best of all, a great ambience.

I've made friends there. Matt and I meet up every few months and chat about life the universe and everything but books. I took a Latin class there with some of the staff. And whenever I have been upset, happy, sad or grieving I have gone to Borders. I have spent hours there. I found a book written by a woman I do not know who named her characters for my paternal grandparents in which the main character is an artist like me.

Borders is for me magic.

And now that magic is going.

I am sadder than I  can say.

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