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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Not all Sadness

I know I've seemed a little heavy on the down side of life. Lest you think it is all sadness and sorrow let me tell you that the creative juices are indeed flowing and I have been doing some water colors. I told you about and when the order gets here I will show you how awesome the awesomeness is. And I am still playing with mediaplayer and editing photos to put my own spin on things.

And yes I am still gaming. Though I guess the one thing that I have to say about that experience is that it isn't so much a game so much as it is a virtual life. Now the problem I have with people taking that seriously is that we are all cartoons. We have not very realistic avatars that are deceptively lithe and healthy and do not look like some of us in life. Now... were I not a hearty 180 pounds I would probably look like my avatar. If I knew of a store in real life that encouraged you to come back and make many purchases by giving you free clothing I would dress like my avatar in a heartbeat. And if I could fly, dye my hair the special shade of purple that I found and visit with the click of a mouse any place in the world without getting on a plane and still able to be home before dinner... I so would live in that world. And that is what makes that world a GAME.

Though the game aspect is simply a package for what the site is... networking, social group and dating website. Damn how I wish I had know that there was a chance someone was going to want to date me. What I mostly want to do here is design, dress my avatar and have a better experience playing Barbies than I had with the pushy girls in my neighborhood. And yes, sister, you were one of the pushy girls. Sorry. But there is no "wrong" way to play Barbies.

But I have to say that the design aspect TOTALLY ROCKS MY WORLD. I found out that you can take snap shots of the room that you are in. So I will do that when I finish decorating and show you guys. And OMG! wait til you see the counselor Troi-like hair and gypsy clothes that I found. I am so happy with what I put together yesterday that I don't even mind the fact that I totally WAR FICK the Blaue Frau costume I was making. So in a little while there will be more pics.

In the mean time here is a little something to throw some color on the page. Not your tradional 3 Kings, Drei Ritten are Babylonian archers. I'm all about the colors, the craftsmanship and the amazing
fortitude of the art itself. From a Christian perspective I guess you could argue I am supporting an anti Jesus agenda by posting this. You could say that I am promoting the anti Jewish agenda too. But sometimes art is just about the art. And this is just about the art, the skill, and the longevity of materials that hold up better than some of the stuff we use today. This is from a long dead civilization that fell, ultimately, under the weight of its own arrogance. You know, the kind of thing that others exploit. The craftsman who made this incredible mural worked for his dinner just like the rest of us. And that is who I celebrate in posting... the artist who toils without hope of recognition. He is unknown while his ruler's name continues through time. Just like the rest of us. We are not the rulers and trendsetters here. We are those who toil. We are the cogs in the machine of commerce and policy. No matter what we do we are the foundations of all civilizations. For what would Nebuchaddnezzar have been without his archers to secure victory? He probably would have been somebody else's goat boy. What is any ruler without his people?

We need to celebrate each other's accomplishments. This king is dead just like the artist. But the artists legacy is thousands of years older than the dead king's kingdom and policies... and I like it that way.

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