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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Now serving 501 on the Ledo Deck

So added to the Summer Stack is Barron's 501 German Verbs, you know... for fun. And Freed's The Servants' Quarters. I wasn't going to do any more book shopping this Summer because the finances need to be wrestled into submission in a Hulk Hogan head locking sort of way. But I really need to understand verbage. By that I do not mean just words. But I really need a good solid refresher on how it is that German verbs play well together. Surprisingly, they do just fine. It's my impatience to better understand the music that is holding me up. I guess this is not an area for multi tasking. And I'm being smarter about my shopping.

While I love hardcover books for the many tricks of feigned indifference they afford, the top shelf pricing is decidedly unaffordable. So the book that cost 24.00 and seemed interesting last Summer has with stood the test of time. It was still here when they busted out the bargain bins. For 4.00 I can be comfortable snoring under a shade tree right before the clouds burst. And unlike a new fangled Kindle.... if I do get an impromptu shower the book affords scant protection and is easily blow dried though not set to factory default. I dare someone with a Kindle to leave it out in the rain...
perhaps in MacArthur Park.

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