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Monday, July 11, 2011

I've Been to the Garden

I am writing a fairly detailed post about some recent gaming exploits that will explain how I got from point A to point G. In the mean time I have to tell you this because it is so freaking cool and geeks are so FREAKING awesome.... I've been to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Obviously not the real ones since they have been in ruins since 2nd century B.C.E. And obviously only an artistic recreation since no one did any watercolors of the thing back then... not like they would have survived anyway. But the coolest part of this virtual garden is that the ishtar gate (which in my uber exuberance I called the Lions gate) was faithfully reproduced...

and for a sample of the art go to the right. I just added a link to Paulo Coehlo's blog. He has a couple of pictures up in the archives. and here is the link to the specific post I am glad to have found this blog totally by accident. gotta love the internet.

If the squeee could have been heard by my tour guide, he might have thought he unleashed Aeyisha. As it was... I think my boyfriend, who was  sitting next to me, might have had a small heart attack. It was fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my obvious delight got me a tour of some other pretty incredible places.

So what I can say about the virtual world is this: it is made by geeks, for geeks and we rule.

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