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Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My order from came in. Woot!s to me. Oh it is soooooo nice!!!

Nice is such a poor choice for how awesome this package is. The card stock for the business cards is nice and smooth and really made my so so photography pretty good. Some of the color was a nudge off of what my screen showed. Nothing disfiguring, so I can live with it. Unlike in the old days when a nudge was like shifting to a different color in the spectrum... this is pretty cool. Some of the cool temp pics came out a little warm but like I said... nothing disfiguring. And just TOTALLY IMPRESSIVE.

And I do not say so myself. Think about this. A standard business card is one side of print. That leaves the backside for people to do what people do... rummage in the purse or wallet for a scrap of paper to make a note about appointments, a book, and NPR segment or part of a grocery list then... when said task is accomplished it hits the trash because your business suddenly became the to do list. Your business message was superseded by the IMMEDIATE need of your potential client. BUT the card has your art on front and your info on back. YOU get both sides of YOUR card. There is no option but to be "top of mind" every time your potential client looks at that card. HOW COOL IS THAT?

I am thinking very specifically of my friend Kathy. Her husband is an excellent chef and they produce organic specialty foods at [My personal recommendation is the Lavender Blueberry preserve for the sweet tooth and Wild leek relish for a tangy kick on savory dishes. But that is my bias]. So how cool would it be to do a kitchen still shot of a plate of his food with the jar of ingredients next to it for the front of the card with all their contact info on back? The concept would work for any business really. I think maybe especially the service industries.

Landscaper? How about a still shot of you at work? House painter? Again a still of your hand on the brush. Do you restore furniture or watches or the like? Split the front of the card with before and after shots. I envision a close up of some trim work on a Biedermeier chair for instance. Ooohh... upholstery..... sorry thinking out loud there.

Really it is a concept who's time has come. And technology makes it possible. I love the future. Sad that I do not have a jet pack or land speeder. But the future is looking pretty bright right now because of all the wonderful things we can do together. This is a European based business with affiliates in the USA... even cooler still.

So just a thought there for you guys to ponder. And again... this is all because someone in England got excited about what she does and made things then posted on her blog. So that all of us around the world who read her and share her passions could get excited and make things.

Life is about getting excited and making things. Period.

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