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Sunday, September 18, 2011

At Least it Isn't Creepy Naked Guy's Room

One day this past Summer, the boss lady and I went to Taco Bell for lunch. While we were coming back into the parking lot we saw a Firetruck, ambulance and some cops in the parking lot of the hotel next door that we also operate. Jodi wondered what was up. I said, "Oh it's probably a dead body." We laughed a little. After rubbernecking to figure out what room was the target, I laughed a little and said out loud "I hope its not my own room. I might want it back someday"
We parked and walked into the building and heard the news from Dave. It was a body. "What room?" Jodi and I both asked. He didn't know. The other employees who lived there couldn't remember what room it was either.
So last week things got really kinda ugly where I was living. And I asked our GM what was left for employees over at the other hotel. "There's just one left. If you need it you better grab it now."
So I went over. Paid for the room and got my key. I didn't even look at the room number until I got over there. When I pulled up and looked at it I saw I had my old room! YEA!!!!! And just to let you know, I squeed a little on the inside.
The next day the GM asked me if I got the room. I said yeah. "But I think I got the dead guy's room." He looked puzzled. "Do you know which room that was?" I asked. He did not. So I asked Rocky which room. He does maintenance at three of our hotel. "Well I just shampooed the carpets in it. I think it' 144."
So weird Aquarius chick gets the dead guys room. Great. And I just saw insidious few months ago too.
The next day the property director stopped me, "I see you moved back to town with us." "Yeah, and I got the dead guy's room." "Well he isn't in it anymore." "His body is gone." I corrected him. "And the rest of him better not be there any more either."
We crack me up.

No, I do not expect there to be any incidents. There are far too many living college students making a ruckus for any of the dead to rest in peace. And it is those living college students that I feel the need to be wary of. There are a couple that are very weird indeed.

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