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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Horror Movies... tis the Season

Turner Classics has had some great movies for the Halloween season. Syfy too. But I prefer these to the Gore-fests they've been hosting. Tonight I am watching this movie from 1942 called Cry of the Werewolf. It turns out that the tradition of being an IDIOT and opening the partially open door in the spooky room after something makes a weird sound on the other side of the door started way back then.

In this movie it is the innocent and rather foolish looking (duh) gangly Icabod Crane-type guy who goes looking for trouble and finds it. These days its the blond the bites it first. You can excuse the guy in this movie because he is new to the genre. But the kids in the new movies really should know better. Its like they have never seen a horror flick.

Of course I have seen tons and I would still open a door when my gut screamed don't. Why? Invariably it will be the only way out. And with my luck it won't be a Vampire or Werewolf; it won't be Freddy or Jason either. Nope. It'll be the student loan company.

And the crazy thing about all these scary movie is that they all have gypsies in them. The more I see the vardos, the more I want one. As a matter of fact... hmm... brother has property and a vardo only costs a few thousand dollars to build... naw. That WOULD be crazy.

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