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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ridiculously Happy

This makes me ridiculously happy. Normally not a pink kinda girl. There is just something so happy about the colors and the motif that just screams "Sunny Day!" and chases the blues away. I can almost feel the sweet cold juice in my mouth and the pleasantly grainy texture on my tongue. It is refreshing. Nourishing. And in many ways that kind of refreshment is invigorating. I think that is why pears are among my favorite foods.

And that is why art is so important... because the way things are represented artistically has the power to enliven and invigorate the soul the same way the actual object does the body.

And thanks to Martha for permission to reprint. I am hoping to find the right encouragement to add text to this for a mood boost at work. We need something that is nicer than "drama free" work zone.

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