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Sunday, January 1, 2012

You Know When You Know

Bad me. I was supposed to warn you if this was about you. And it is obviously. But it is also here because I know you are not the only person on the horns of this dilema as evidenced by conversations I am seeing all over the net. Maybe the holidays. May be the crazy is just coming out of people. Or maybe, like the new agers say, 2012 is the beginning of the new era of personal truth where people just can not live without recognizing subconscious desires and choices. Nor will people be able to live torn between two of anything. the whole post is interchangeable. person. place. thing... what you reach for first, what makes your heart leap... these are the first signs to follow on your road to self actualization. And that goes for everybody. And that is why it is on my blog.

Sometimes, no matter how much you want a thing to last... no matter how generous the second chance or even the third there comes a time when you know that you can not go any further with a person. It little matters in this case why the end is nigh. I'm not writing about blame. I am writing about about awareness.
  • When you are sitting with someone and the phone rings and you run to answer it and then disappear you should probably be aware that you've chosen who you want to be with. And it is not the person that is sitting on the couch. It is  the person you are on the phone with.
  • When you answer the phone "What?", knowing that your "girlfriend" is on the phone but you answer "Hi" with a lilt in you voice when "just someone" calls on the phone you should probably be aware that you've chosen "just someone".
  • when you write one or two sentances to your girlfriend in an e-mail and "just someone" gets paragraphs... again, you know.
The reasons that we hold on to some thing or someone beyond its expiration date are many and  varied. Usually we just want to be sure that we gave it enough time. But let's face it. When the intense emotional desire to be with someone is not there it is over.

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  1. Yes of course you can put this on your FB page and feel free to print if off if you want to and take it to your work. I don't mind at all. Hopefully it will print ok from the blog.