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Friday, March 23, 2012


The added sunlight with this season is really helping to ease the blood pressure down without meds. If anything though, I think it is the quality of the light. It is warm while the sun is still low in the sky. In mid afternoon it is right without being over powering. And thus, in the Spring a mid afternoon bath is perfect.

The light in Spring is tranquil. It is a way to build up slowly to the frenzy of Summer when the sunlight is an amped up energy drink. It is energizing and restorative.

I have time to breathe. To think. To come out of the self-protective shell that I crawl into in the Winter when there is no light. The old tired self sloughs off and the new self starts to shine again. Regrouping is key. And somehow, having time to notice how things change around me helps that.

I woke up to a new prospect this morning & a conversation that reflected the thoughts in this post. Tentative but familiar.  There is a change in the quality of communication. But it is too soon to know where it will lead. And honestly, like frost on budding cherry blossoms, if I predict it or try to control it the fruit will be spoiled before it is ever seen. Spring is the time when things unfold and manifest on their own. Patience. You have to wait and see how things will turn out. Just like you can not rush through Spring to get to Summer.

Patience. And positive thoughts. Remaining hopeful and aware and doing the things that must be done...ever onward. That, I think, is what harmony really is.

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