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Thursday, March 29, 2012


I do not know who started this particular tradition. I only know that the first time that I saw it in action was at my sister's 17th birthday party in our garage. It was used for every birthday in our group and for gradutation. Of which the whole thing was repeated for her the following year. I did not do a graduation open house. Perhaps the reason that I do not know where the tradition started is because I came to the group late.

Banners made of simple craft paper in brown or white were filled with not so simple sentiments in a variety of colors. All attendants to the party signed. It was bad form not to. And that way you always knew who was there even if they managed to weasel out of the photos. I still have the one from my 21st birthday. It was on a Star Trek theme. They were so much fun to sign. But even more fun to get.

I can not remember how long it has been since I've done a banner. Of course I haven't been anywhere that I could revive the tradition. Until now. We did one for the Boss Lady when she came back from her maternity leave. And we did another one for the maintenance man when he came back from his hospital leave.

I am really happy with the paint job. But even happier that everyone got into the spirit of the thing with the signatures. I only wish that we had markers to sign it with. The notes would have shown up better. And the recipient liked it a lot too.

This is a fine tradition that is sure to make anyone of any age feel special. In a group, this is one of the things that keeps everyone together and promotes a spirit of unity. It isn't a sure fired way to keep the band together. But traditions like these sure do help.

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