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Monday, April 9, 2012

Burning Desire

I started another blog. It is on another platform. And the interaction between bloggers is so immediate. There is a true difference between Blogger and other forms. I love Blogger. But it is rather like blogging anonymously. At wordpress I have rapidly gained followers and likes. And now I have a burning desire to be as they say, Freshly Pressed. I think with the work that I am doing there it is possible.

Blogger is really where I am playing with the essay form and topic ideas. This geekthing is all over the board. It should be. My interests are all over the board. But it has digressed into random personal weirdness. The posts about something gained me the most followers. I will recover the topical character. The Wordpress thing has a definate theme and purpose with an audience that is very specialized.

And I think that is what makes the writing better. It certainly gets me more attention from real people than this blog does. But that is okay. I kinda think that the audience I have here is a little more interesting. It is fascinating to me that I have a Russian readership that is reblogging my stuff. And the battle between Germany and the Netherlands for second and third rankings in hits is equally interesting.

Speaking of Germany, after years of searching the web for information on grampa's family name, I found something interesting on wikipedia. Where there did not used to be anything on the city of Gerbstedt, there is now an entry that asserts the town was founded by miners and gerbers... tanners. Which is exactly what I speculated on the family blog. So I wonder if my speculation might fuel the information for the article. I doubt that is the case. But it would be interesting and a little weird if it were true. Hmmm.... I wonder how I can find out.

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