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Monday, April 2, 2012

Pure Geekdom

Because there just has not been enough of this on the blog lately, I bring you one solid half hour of pure geekdom joy/love/win. Epic. Not nearly strong enough a word for the last half hour that I spent watching people play board games on Youtube.

Yes. I watched people play board games on Youtube. Does it get geekier? No.

GeekandSundry's channel posts videos each week on topics relevence to some geek interest or another. This new series, Tabletop, was created by Wil Wheaton with Felecia Day and hosts Wil Wheaton. Three special guest show up each week to play a game with Wil. Most of the games will be based on the most awesome of German tabletop (hence the name) games like Settlers of Cataan. This week there was a game of Small World.

C'mon doesn't Disney make enough money without living rent free in your head? Change your internal Pandora station to something a little more Lord of the Rings. Good. Small World is a mash-up of Risk! and D&D.  It plays in 9 rounds. There are tons of races with special powers and they all want to be king of the world. Or the 7 Kingdoms for you Thrones fans.

It was the best half hour I have spent in pure childhood bliss since the last podcast for Penny Arcade in which Aelfel lived. I miss Jim Darkmagic and Binwinn Bronzebottom. But with the running commentary running under the instruction to the newbies it was kinda like having the band back together. Even the dice refused to cooperate in pure gaming fashion. But, the best part... the sheer joy of the participants.

I am hoping the hope of all hopes that if Colin Ferguson was able to play that Nathan Fillion will be able to make an appearance. I can NOT wait to see him in real life non-scripted action.

Of course now it hurts a little more that I am bereft of gaming pals in the flesh. I miss that a lot!!!!!!!!

Wanna check it out? Go to Geek and Sundry on Youtube or click this link.

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