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Friday, May 25, 2012

Geek Happy

Apparently with the wild success of last year's release "Seben Leben" anything with Matthias Reim's name on it is selling like hot cakes. The things that I had on my Amazon list are disappearing like crazy. Yea!!!!!!!!! That means that Matze is making the bg money. Right? I hope so. He has worked so hard to recover from set backs.

I finally found Maenner sind Krieger to replace the one that was stolen. Yea! It got here from Kentucky in record time. I have missed having that album. I don't know which is my favorite song, maybe Ich Will Dich Immernoch. Now I am waiting on a shipment from another Amazon vendor. I wait skeptically.

Here's the thing about being so Geek Happy, kids. You have to pay attention to what you are doing and not just willy nilly hitting the buy now button. You have to know your vendor. They are supposed to be from Jersey in USA. When I got the confirmation it turns out they are in Germany. So 6 albums for less than 20.00. 30ish with shipping. But there is an as yet to be determined import shipping fee which will hit my card when it hits the shore.

So what is the problem? They might be a fraudulent company operating under the GmbH name without the GmbH authority to do so. Customer comments suggests that the disks I am waiting for are going to be ripped & burned and the CD booklet will be subparr.

Really? Charge me good money for bad product and while you are at it just keep jerking this poor guy around. I am certain that Matze won't see any money for the sale if it is in fact a fake company. Really? His business manager didn't steal enough for him when he bankrupted him in 1995? Do we really think that two great albums are going to replace that which was lost? I am already pretty cheesed with the decision to start drawing economic lines after busting the global market open and making a small world smaller with global social media. If this turns out to be a rip off I am going to be more cheesed.

So lesson learned kids; Geek happy is not a reason to throw caution to the wind.

I have recieved all of my ordered CDs. They are all in excellent condition. Matthias Reim reading kids stories is so adorably entertaining I want to pee from giggling squees every time I listen to it. My favorite story is the one about the Floppy Hat.

This was a great deal and I am eagerly awaiting the next round of price drops so that I can find Unverwundbar at a good price. Whatever the deal was with this company it seems to be resolved and I could not be more happy about my purchase. Of course my co-workers kinda wish that it was all a scam because it's been nothing but Reim Time in our laundry room.

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