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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

a thought....

"A taste for irony keeps hearts from breaking more than a sense of humor, for it takes irony to appreciate the joke on oneself." ~J West

 Humor, according to the Cos, is what allows us to survive the things that we dread the most. I think that is true in many ways. The body can only follow what the mind sets in front of it. The mind follows the heart in some cases. But, no matter what leads, head or heart, the belief in survival is as important as the brawn. The strongest man is felled by his percieved weakness before he ever goes into a fight.

Now I am not saying that a couple of good zingers will get you through the Zombie Apocalypse. But humor is what keeps you going when all you want to do is cry in a pile of your own poo. Without a sense of humor I know that I would have snapped months ago and either taken myself out into the Wilds of Northern Michigan and busted my way into that Come to Jesus Meeting to demand some answers or I would sped my brother on his way to his Personal Judgement Day. There is not a problem in the world in which the solution of violence against your own or another person has made things better. It usually produces a deepening sense of despondency. Humor is the answer.

The condition of your humor is a fairly good indication though of how well you will survive. Positive humor will always serve better than the darker flavors. Sarcasm is just another kind of negativity. Sadly, I have a fairly good grasp on that kind of humor. It's the kind of biting humor that often bites you back. But right now, I am willing to accept survival no matter the personal cost.

My dander is up and I just don't care if people's feelings get hurt. Sarcastic humor is kinda like the Captain deciding that if he goes down with the ship he is taking the crew with him. As I would have loved to take people along with me on a journey to sucess I am not the slightest bit embarrassed to take people with me on this terror-filled fantasy. But... only the people who helped me to get to the low place that I am.

We never really ever do anything alone. None of us are islands. And whoever helps you shares your sucess. Whoever hinders you should share the failure. Inasmuch as suffering goes. I certainly am not saying that if you make the ever elusive millions of dollars in the American Dream racket that you should have to fork over all your earnings. Because let's face it... you are the one doing the heavy lifting and shouldering the risk. By help I mean encourage or in the worst case scenarios; listen to you ramble on about the vagaries of life and money markets while railing against the policies that tank the economy just when you were about to make it big from the barstool next to you, sacrificing a date or a big game to console your whiny ass. Or let you crash on the couch while your business takes off so that you don't have to sleep in a shelter with a bunch of smelly people. By hinder... well I think at this point we all know what I mean by hinder.

Humor.... one of the best things that God could have given us.

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