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Friday, November 2, 2012

Um... Hi

I have not been obsessed with checking my stats for this blog for a long time. It was fun to see where all the new followers were coming from. But I had that really good run and then that was it. I may have gone off in a weird direction which would have been entertaining if I were the Bloggess. As I am not it probably was not entertaining at all.

Lately though I have been looking because the audience page keep tripping something up. I suspect it has much to do with the mysterious inner workings of the internet and not so much to do with anything that I am doing wrong. But Blogger likes to let me know that I should go look, check security settings and such like I am Worf or Data and would know what the hell to do in the case of a nanite invasion. Which of course I do... throw my hands in the air and run screaming like a girl to engineering and beg Geordie to find Wesley to come and  get his damn nanites out of my system. Fix it myself? Puh-lease!

So it surprised me this week when I was looking to see if I saw anything amiss to find that the audience in Europe has increased. Once in a while I duo-post by linking to Google+ and I frequently link good stuff to my facebook page. But the random updates I don't bother with. And yet I seem to be really popular overall with.... the Russians? And today it is... die Niederlandern. I do not know how the Russians or the Netherlanders even had the idea to find me. So let me say, OFFICIALLY....


And welcome.
And would someone please explain to me what is so fascinating about my ramblings?
If I had to guess I would say it is a collective of Matthias Reim fans.
Am I right?

The art blog is getting a lot of attention also. The difference there though is that the referring urls are on the sketchy side and I am wondering if those Ukrainian hackers that got our city's server last week are hoping I click a link and unleash an Internet apocolypse.

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