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Friday, November 2, 2012

6 Kinds of Excited

I got home from a rather easy day at work today to find my inbox at gmail full of happy news. As if getting the first of 5 CDs from Amazon was not happy enough news. Herbert Groenemeyer, 1987 Spruenge featuring Kinder an die Macht and Tanzen... ahhhhhhhh my 17 year old self is gratified. I've only waited this long to have the album in hand. But the BESTEST BESTEST BESTEST news ever....

Matthias Reim releases his next album "Undendlich" (infinite) for my birthday. Well.... it is out two days before my birthday. But January 25th is close enough. Happy feet are just dancing my butt all over the place. Of all the times not to have money to go this is not one of them. There are 30 concert dates so far. Last album was crazy with additional dates so I am hoping that this same is true with this one. And the coolest part is that he wrote the email for the newsletter himself instead of letting some schlepp from the record company do the posting. He is such a good performer.

And by good I mean considerate. Talk about someone who knows where his bread is buttered. And you know, within the music, you really get the sense that he is one of those artists that is going to be good and gracious to the fans instead of the guy who gouges the most money from a wallet as is possible. And I've seen videos of him out at a bar getting recognized and then playing "karoke" with the bar crowd from the bartenders spot just because its fun for the fans to have a treat once in a while.

I do hope though that he is not so bothered with that kind of thing that he suffers the Perfoming Monkey Syndrome and gets burned out. At his age that does not seem to be happening. Yay for the fans!

I go on a mini vacation in a couple of weeks. I say go. I mean take. I am not going anywhere as I am still cash poor. But I am taking the time off of work to go look for a new place to live and to raid my storage locker to change things up a bit and grab more art supplies. And I will spend that time trying to figure out how to post an MP3 to the site so you can hear the awesome. I would post a youtube video but they keep disappearing. EMI doesn't like to share across the pond.

As they say over there: pfft!

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