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Monday, December 10, 2012

Open Letter to the Verse

After all the ranting and raving I did on the subject of the stupidity of there being borders in a global economy that technology is able to leap in great cosmic bounds, you, Universe, have heard me. And apparently you agree with me that when information can be shipped via broadband there is no reason to keep the music I like out of my reach. And as an agent for change, has finally figured out how to get me my tunes on time and without the extortionist prices of a third party "collectibles" dealer. There is now, on its way to me, a shipment of Matthias Reim CDs straight outta Deutschland. The much covetted Unverwundbar (less than 8.00 EUR), Die Grosse Weihnachts Party and Hitbox. 

Amazon and my bank now will let me make international purchases. How will taxation work? I don't know. I am waiting to see how that goes before I go overbaord and replace the rest of what was stolen two years ago. Or get new stuff. Though I did pre-order the NEW ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes.

So thank you for listening. Thank you for agreeing. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that no one figures out how to stab me with my own wishes.

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