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Friday, March 22, 2013

Herlichen Glückwunsch!

This year's ECHO winner for Schalger star is not Matthias Reim. Sadface. It is Peter Maffay. If Matze couldn't have it, I am glad that Peter has it. I don't know the criteria for this particular award, so I don't know how close the race between the contestants actually was. Many well wishers on Matze's Facebook page stated it perfectly: We don't need an award to tell us how wonderful a performer he is.

Peter Maffay has been at this for nearly as long as Matze. I first heard his music on that cassette I mentioned before. "Sonne in der Nacht"... it's beautiful and heartwarming. And I always smile when I hear it. I think that he is the one who originated Über Seben Brücken. It has become quite the concert favorite. Everyone knows it. And while I love Matze, and I love the version on the Unendlich album, I do think that Maffay's 2010 version is spectacular. In fact, I have seen some footage where they perform together live. It would be nice it they could get together and do some studio work.

Of course, just because I would like that to happen, doesn't mean that it will. or that anyone is even thinking about doing it. But I also think that a duet with Sting would be a good idea. That will
probably never happen but I can dream.

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