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Friday, March 1, 2013

There's a little green blob on my stats today...

I'm not gonna lie to you guys, I check my stats. I am looking periodically at what posts have been popular with you guys. And I check for spammy links and whatnot as well. I am uncertain what to do about spammy links other than NOT CLICK ON THEM. But the kinds of posts that get the most reads tells me what I should write more about. But I've got to be honest.... I'm also looking at who is looking.

With the number of global friends publically following the blog it is reasonable to assume that I have a global audience. And with the large number of hits from Russia, it seems a solid assumption. But I do have some skepticism with the "fan base" there. And those would be air quotes with a slightly mocking tone because, well.... someone over there has cloned my blog. Thank you I am flattered. But c'mon.... write your own material or pay me for it would ya? And there is always a pornbot or four that like to show up in the referring links. It's just the kind of Internet we live in. I accept that. But those things make me a bit cautious with the optimism when I read my stats. I take it with a whole salt plain instead of a grain of salt. And to be even more honest.... my ego likes to think that all these far flung places have a few people who only know me by my humors but still know who I am. It's a thing.

I know I will never be a Hoff or a Heff, not even a Wheaton on the Interwebs. But there are some things I see in my stats that knock my socks off. And here is a picture of one of those things.
Those green blobs on the left are the USA (minus Hawaii cause this map doesn't quite go to 11). The dark blob on the right is Germany. They are deep green because they have had the most audience members. The pale green to the left of Germany is France. The white areas are places where no one has heard of me. This is what my stats looked like today. USA and GERMANY tied with 26 hits each.
On my art blog.
I would have though that with all my posts on the subject of that beautiful country that the Geekdom thing would have all the hits. But still..... only 4.
I don't care though.
I have a readership in Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A readership that is catching up with the home team.... happy little geek squeeing her pants off!!!!!!!
and singing totally off key...
there's a little green blob on my stats today
it's a different blob than yesterday......

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