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Monday, March 4, 2013


It is a beautiful day in Northern Michigan. The sun is out, thick blankets of ice are melting, the cardinals were busy singing their lungs out this morning and the air has a hint of mossy, humus-rich dirt smell. Spring can not be far away. Just in time too. The car is on the road again and I am mobile for short trips.

Speaking of trips, did I tell you about tearing my hamstring? I think I did. It was one year and one week ago. And it's taken me this long to feel like I can sit in the car's seat. Mind you it can't be for very long. 15 minutes and the leg starts to numb. Not a good sign. But short trips to run my own errands will be ok. I think. I hope.

For anyone who doesn't understand the huge deal this is, spend one week of your very independently lead life dependent upon others for the smallest things like laundry and grocery shopping. Then try to get to doctor's appointments. And when your pool of friends is too shallow, spend about 40.00 a week on cabs that take you one tenth the distance the same 40.00 in your own gas tank can take you.

Independence. It is a gift. Often it is hard fought. But it is a gift. One should never take such a thing for granted. If you do, then like me, you need a lesson in appreciation.

I love my car. I love my job that let's me pay for my car. And I love my freedom.
Thank you Suzuki.
Thank you Cambria
Thank you Gott!

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