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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The OCD of Geek

It's one of those Mondays where I should be doing a lot of things to make forward progress. And one of those Mondays when I am not. My house mate should be home preparing for her clarinet performances coming up at the Film Festival. I should be home detailing the basement and setting up the studio to get ready to work on new projects.

Should being the ugly word used here. What is happening is that I am letting her be home to practice alone because when we get together there is too much chatter. We easily distract each other with the frivolousness that is the joy of having a crap load of interests only some of which we actually share. For instance, I would love for her to fall in love with Richard Armitage's work so that I am not the only one here drooling over him. (It's less conspicuous, like blaming a fart on the dog. Of which we have none- dog). It is these kinds of situations that high light just how improbable the situational comedy hijinks of the BBT are: where two or more Geeks are gathered in revelry nothing is accomplished. Physicist schmiysicist! Sheldon would play video games all day long every day if he could always be Batman and we know it!

So I am at my favorite coffee shop trying to teach myself how to do things that I as an artist should not be bothering with... namely buttons on pages. And because I need something totally distracting in the background I threw up the cringe-worthy playlist on Spotify. And I have a euro-dance version of Rock the Cashbah BA-LASTING my ears. I know everyone here thinks I am weird as I am a bouncing bobble-headed version of a pseudo adult sitting here.

Do I care?

Does it bother me that I have heard the same song for the last hour?

Do I think that anyone bored enough with their life to watch me working should suck it up and go get their own lucky rocketship underpants?

I'm actually getting a lot done. There must be some information out there about harmonic resonance and how it balances the brain between the two hemispheres and how repeated rhythms put the mind into a trance state. I've breezed through a few of them. I know they are out there. Maybe I don't care how it all works. I just care that it does. And I love the fact that the OCD of Being a Geek doesn't bother me. Embrace who you are and how you are and get to it.

Of course that Go-With-Your-Nature instead of Go-Against-Your-Nature behavior requires a certain lack of self consciousness. It either takes some heavy duty blinders or some sturdy cajones to sit in public at my age and revel in the tunes in your head. But hey! How will your fellow geeks know you if you aren't flying that Geek flag as high as it will go?

It's not like it is a State Funeral or a Papal Audience. It's a friggin coffee shop. But maybe I don't care because I am such a gypsy at heart. Hmmmm..... I wonder if we have Wi-Fi downtown in the parks yet. I would love to be sitting in this breeze in the shade and bobbling to these tunes.

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