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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

By ­°

or earning XP one small discovery at a time

A few days ago someone posted a link to a page full of keyboard short cuts for things like ° and ™. You will be seeing these thing a lot more. One reason is that when things are really trademarks the trademark should be there. In this day and age when everyone wants to scream about fair use and attributions it is just good sense. And it is polite. But as far as the ° goes?

It's in the title. And how many times do I complain about weather and the temperature? I should be using that one. Just the simple fact that I don't have to be a coder geek to use the short cuts is nice. It used to be that you had to have a program that would allow such things. Now you just have to have Windows™ and the right platform for blogging and it's a go.

I feel a bit more empowered by this knowledge. ╪ And here is a random sign just because I felt like using "alt + random numbers" with the numbers lock enabled. I have no idea what it is. It is probably a elemental sign.

Of course with my luck it is the sign to end all signs and somehow a random, out of context keyboard short cut used without consideration to its powerful meaning just opened up the last door to hell.... or let Cerberus of his chain. Well.... if Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett were writing my life that is about how it would go. Most likely I've just done something suspicious enough that the NSA is signaling the MiB for a round-up series of Q&A. *waves at the NSA with a toothy, cheesy grin that would ruin any family photo. I don't give a crap any more. They are going to make enemies out of anyone and everyone so why bother to hide the pain in the ass that is my ass?

And in other techo-phobic news: I've replaced my mouse. I had the purple one for a long time then sat it somewhere and have no idea where the hell it is. So I got another one at Big Lots® today. It is red, wireless, speedier than the 30.00 mouse I bought 4 years ago. And it was 13.00 with the batteries included.... even though the package said they weren't.

This mouse is fast.

It's the little things. Baby steps. Baby steps. Baby steps.

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