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Monday, August 19, 2013

They'll Forgive Anything But Greatness

I love these guys. The first album was awesome. The second, Scoundrel Days, was simply brilliant. It was the title of this post, a line from the title track here, that hit me over the weekend. This is the thing that I have been struggling with the last few years where I work. In the American Corporate Culture of getting paid to do nothing, those who strive are persecuted. The Geek will inherit, but it will be a long hard struggle when swimming against the tide of lack luster performers. It's been hard. And as I dig in to fight the good fight while there are lies and rumors being spread, manipulation and punishment for things that are not true and attacks on a daily basis because I can outperform so many and make the girls club look bad without even trying, because I do not fit in with the un and under educated, I've hardened myself. I thought resilience meant that I had to convert all of my energy and skill into a narrow focus of will. Perform. Perform. Perform instead of Dance monkey, dance.

That tack is killing me. Slowly my psyche is rebelling and twisting against the pressure to win and claim my name. The anger at having so many people believe someone whose accomplice already confessed to trying to destroy me because of jealousy has been stuck in me. I kept it close so that I would not forget and thus drop my defenses.

And then I listened to the playlist on which this song appears. And I heard this in the refrain

We believe through the lies and the hating that love goes free.....
And we see.... as our lives are in the making
We believe through the lies and the hating that love goes free
Through scoundrel days

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