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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Font Geeks Be Aware

There's a handy dandy new tool/game/novelty card deck for graphic designers/font geeks/type junkies/frustrated students. It's a great looking set and it is free. You're welcome.

Made by graphic designers, for graphic designers and with the graphic designers budget in mind, the thing is a joy to behold. It's only drawback is the one thing that it does not have...  the cool box.

Oh designers of Fontspotting™ why not make it a full fledged game with the cool retro graphic box? I love that I can pay with a tweet or a facebook post. But truly I would love to be able to open that wonderfully weighted retro wood burned box. Oh well..... can't have em all.

But maybe the folks who brought us fontspotting™ will delight us with a printable version of the box design so that perhaps something cold be simulated at home? Please?
I could do this very easily on paper and apply it to a proper paper
Mache box. Or a printable foldable pattern could be done easily
enough. I think. I mean they make a paper TARDIS so it can not
be that hard.... says the mathematically challenged geek to the font
geeks. Sorry..... carry on.
The photo is not used by permission. However, in the interest of
promoting a very cool product, I felt that the use in this post falls
under the fair use common attribution officious poop that the
DMCA regulates. End disclaimer. End discussion. Go download
this wonderful gift.  

I did warn you that I would be using the keyboard shortcuts a lot more;
get comfy with them.

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