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Tuesday, August 20, 2013


One of the things that creative people, especially creative Geeks, is how to navigate the world without giving up on your own personal vision of your life. There is a balance between what must be done to "pay the mortgage" and what must be done to "placate the soul". Geeks throughout time immemorial have struggled with fitting in and following the Muse. And in following the Muse most creative die penniless and starving. However most of them have left a permanent mark on the world. So then it becomes the matter of "What matters to you?"

Lately the struggle has been more pronounced than ever. And lately the world has been throwing Bill Watterson me every couple of days. Calvin and Hobbes was the best part of every day of high school. I have a couple of the collections. I wish..... as I have said forever now...... that there were Calvin and Hobbes emoticons. I want Merch so that I can wave my freak flag even higher, or more colorfully. Whichever. There is a  reason that there is no merch. And I had 5 great years of camaraderie with Calvin. But since he keeps coming up in conversation so much since the announcement of a documentary on him, I thought I would take some time to listen to the Master of Observation himself.

The link is to a college commencement address from 1990. I've added the blog that I found it on to the reading list at the right. I would parse the meanings that I derived from it but I think that it would do well for you to find your own gems within.

For myself: I need to show up. I am so focused on the daily grind because I have been forced to take on a "REaL" job that I have neglected some of the things that feed the creativity that I want to be the source of my livelihood rather than the real job. No one of greatness gets anywhere waiting for Fate to intervene. You pretty much have to have your hat, coat, wellies, on and suitcase in hand waiting at the door (or in the case of Pond, sitting in the garden) for Fate to show up cause she isn't going to wait for you to get ready.

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