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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Barometers and Hell

Anyone have any idea how the barometric pressure dropping to "tornado" lows can have such a painfully adverse affect on one's brain cells? I've had a migraine for the last two and a half days. And there seems no end in sight.

Normally the readings in my area are about 29.7 inches of mercury. We always had a 3 dial atmospheric gauge in the house... I don't know why. We weren't sailors and dad never mentioned it having anything to do with gardening. Though, it would be nice to know when a storm was brewing to head out and cover the tomatoes. But I digress. It would seem that in Northern Michigan when the barometer drops to around 28.7 fairly rapidly we get some good storms. If it drops any lower we get what dad called "tornado low"s (see above reference).

When I was a kid that meant being mopey and depressed. So that meant "grab a book". I could read but I had to read in near dark and have no sound. The thunder would nearly kill me. Which, now that I think about it, is probably where the "fear" came from. That and I have never liked my world to shake so when it rattled the floors that was a bit unnerving. A I get older the headaches have settled. Until this past week it hasn't been so bad that a little extra Dr. Pepper and some extra sleep couldn't fix it.

I've started a blood pressure medicine again. And that I think has had a lot to do with how intense the headaches are. I spent Thursday from 10pm til Saturday at 7:30 am in my bed. I left twice to pee and feed cats. Sorry about the pee part but lets face it... I might be a Geek but I am still a human Geek as I've yet to be assimilated. Which... if I could leave off certain bodily functions I may consider if any Borg or Cybermen should appear on my doorstep. For the love of God what I would give to no have to worry about bowels. But I digress. Again.

So my blood pressure has been angling around 190 over 50, spiking into the 200 over 55 range. It is work related I am sure. And it is definitely due to the fact  that I am stubborn and I know I am right about some things and that I've made the choice come hell or high water, Daleks or Cybermen, Borg or Borg that I will prove I am right. I just forget the human equation and get flummoxed when logic is countered with an insane amount of irrationality. But I am determined to prove my worth to my employer and that one does not simply walk me into a trap. I declared this the line. Here and no farther. I will not run again.

Well, I won't run on someone else's terms. Once the plan is in motion and the springs are ready to be sprung I will obviously take a page out of the good Doctor's book and run like the wind. I am not yet built for such stern stuff and my body is reacting badly. So with the high blood pressure and then this kind of barometric hell... well. Until the weather lets up I'm going to be out of sorts.

And this time around I can not read. I can not listen to music. And I do not want light. So no Matthias Reim. *sadface  And I am still half way through Hape Kerkeling's book. **double sadface. At least there is no sunshine to miss. It's been so dark. You'd think it was the Bleak Mid Winter or some such thing.

Well, at least there is the comfort that it can not last too many more days. And I am off tomorrow. Then next week I begin my time off. I decided to take a week to not go anywhere but just to get away from the stress. And with luck, I will be ready to try one of the recipes from Lecker.

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