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Monday, October 7, 2013


"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." -Albert Einstein
The voices inside our heads are merely echoes of something someone once said, to paraphrase Sting. They are illusory, most likely false and every bit as persistent as reality. If it is true that what you believe determines your life's path, then the illusions that we subscribe to are either the road MAP or the road BLOCK to our destinations. Perhaps success in life is really as simple as changing a subscription, viewpoints, ideas about what is and is not possible.
Whatever it is that makes us succeed in our given fields, excel in a chosen area or simply enjoy in the life that we each live must be in the illusions that we chose to accept as real versus imaginary. If the people who have brought us such fanciful and whimsical things to geek over believed the voices in my head, echoes of things that family and not so well meaning friends have said, then we would not have:
Star Trek
Doctor Who
Star Wars
Warehouse 13
most of the animation that we enjoy
Hugo's world would not have given way to the vast cinematic heritage that we enjoy today. There would be no music. There would be nothing but work and sleep and what ever addiction gets a person from one day to the next. There would be nothing on the horizon but the looming Government Shut Down. Dystopia. Anarchy. Desolation.
There is a real crisis looming if the information circulating my Facebook feed is even one tenth accurate. And there is nothing more loathsome to contemplate than a future akin to Revolution or the Kurt Russell thriller Escape from L.A. There is hope in imagination. There is little hope in the reality that we are being shown from Congress, our President and most of the media. Who can live under the oppression of such a reality?
Today I went seeking imagination. If I need to develop better coping skills, expand my sphere of influence to survive the coming meltdown that our President seems determined to inflict on the rest of us then it is imagination that will see me through. Not chocolate. Not Dr. Pepper. Not the things that get the sheeple through the night. I was never one of them. And I have learned that I can not live like them. There is no reason to.
Imagination is everything according to Einstein. Imagination lets you chose your own illusion. It is the only freedom that is left to us. Imagination heals and feeds the soul. And that is the only thing that lives forever.
I have to believe it is also the thing that lets us truly withstand the trials and tribulations in the world. Faith and Imagination are close to the same thing. They both involve seeing what isn't smack in front of your face & making things happen when you can not see the outcome. Imagination made the world. Imagination made everything.
It all starts with God (however one defines him/her/it) asking "what if...."

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