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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dr. Who Makes Sculpture Parks Scary

It's a dreary day in Northern Michigan.. thus, we have the monochromatic art project for today. I've been meaning to do a collage since we got back from the art park in August. Today is the perfect day to play. I want to remember the sunny day.

Though what is actually happening is that I am remembering what it felt like to walk up on this girl. It is a sculpture titled "Sleepwalk". After so many episodes of Weeping Angels I felt like it was more "Sleep Stalk". I actually did jump out of my skin when I saw her because she was my height. And of course.... striking a classic weeping angel pose.

What is it about Doctor Who that makes the mundane, run about town, world so incredibly creepy? And why, oh why, do I not yet carry a sonic screwdriver?

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