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Thursday, October 24, 2013

On Intuition

There is a thing about intuition that is normal for me that freaks the hell out of other people. Actually... it pisses people off. Intuitives feel shifts in the environment or in people so long before anyone else can tell there is anything wrong that it seems a bit spooky. The whole process from "Uh-oh" something is wrong to "Oh. Here's the Thing" is actually pretty straight-forward. There is nothing magical or supernatural about the process... except the start.

The first step is a prickly feeling that something is not quite right. It can be in situations involving people near or far. So that seems a bit odd. Especially when it involves people that you do not know personally or that pre- 9-11 weirdness I felt.

The second step is to pay attention. Body language, word selection, the way people change their behavior around others, the way they change their dress... those are all things that we see everyday but pay little attention to. The paying attention is annoying. The paying attention and divining a significant meaning from the details is what makes people bloody nuts. It's what gets Sherlock into trouble. The second step is to more than see something, it is too observe.

The fourth stage involves gathering information, a period of attentive observation, asking questions. Gathering information and fact checking helps you to keep from blundering into emotional territory and doing more damage. When people lose a loved one you know that they aren't right in their hearts, you can see it if you are trying. You know when to help. You know when to back away. The problem with observation is when you get caught. The more you observe the quanta the more they hide is how Einstein explained why some particles are so hard to pin point. And people are like quanta when they are being watched.
People who are hurting want help but they don't want to need help. If you offer before you are asked it is insensitive. If you don't do anything you are insensitive. But people who want to hide the truth are also really sensitive to being discovered. It's part of why Sherlock gets into so much trouble, especially this Sherlock with Molly. In part it is a privacy thing. Until the subject is certain of things going their way (being in love) they don't want things broadcast aloud and discovery makes that very real. I forget that on occasion and blunder my way through my thoughts. Some times I blunder my way through this blog doing this. And when people know they are being watched they behave differently, the act of observing changes the outcome. Hmm.... really we need to teach physics a lot earlier in school .

The fifth stage is a reveal. How you tell people something is wrong matters. And I tend to forget that, just like Sherlock. Unlike Sherlock I don't tend to be very arrogant about it. I am a panicky revelator. When I know what the problem is I get very adamant about fixing the problem and that makes people just as jittery as the problem did in the first place.

The thing is, Intuitives are given a gift for a reason. To help, to comfort, to effect change for the better, not to scare people. But we do. It isn't by choice. It's just that so many people want to hide all the pain instead of work through it. And Intuitives know that nothing in reality is as scary as what we imagine. It is just really difficult to convince people of that at all. So it seems like magic when we know something ahead of everyone else.

The reality is that the knowing is just good old fashioned deduction. And it is almost always done out of love and concern.

The thing is, people are so hesitant to listen, and even less inclined to act on a prediction that is seems pointless to be given this gift at all. So I wonder then.... why should we know ahead of time what others will find out eventually?
The world may never know. I know I will never understand it.

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