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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Opening a New Blog? Maybe

Seriously I have to give this a lot of thought. I am a geek about a lot of things. And now that I am letting the Geek of the leash to wander through more topics I keep coming back to the question of range. Can I talk about ALLLLLL of the things that I geek out over in one blog or should I mix it up a bit? If I keep it all here do I do a separate page for different topics, specifically the Foodie items?

I ask myself these questions because I can not under state the range of my interests. And while that is a hallmark of being a geek, to have many and varied interests with a little overlap in the Venn Diagram of Life, would some really kick ass topics get lost in the broader scope of an all encompassing blog?

We are a passionate lot. Some might say wickedly zealous. And there are a good many topics which might well be better served with their own page, others even better suited to a wholenuther blog and some that just should not be handled because I only have a cursory involvement on the fringe of liking something. This blog, should everything that I am interested in be allowed a review, could quickly turn into black hole of information. No one would be able to find anything. My followers would not know what to expect. That is fine over at the Bloggess. But I am not the Queen of Randomosity™ that she is and the kind of mind chatter that makes her entertaining sounds glib or pushy when it comes out of me. And fake. Don't forget fake. I can't pull it off. I'm a bit more encyclopedic in that I like to be able to easily file, find and develop a topic with some semblance of order. Chaos is great as a means of civil protest but not so much in the sharing of interests.

I am very much on a foodie kick now that I am back in a house with a real kitchen and most all of my goodies are out of storage. I have no idea where the attachments for my stand mixer are. And I am missing a box of cake decorating supplies. But everything else is here and I am using it. And I am loving setting table again. I've got my head and stomach on a German food kick. Thank you Christine for sending me Lecker (October 2013) and the Lebkuchenherz. (among other things ;)) The idea of systemically going through the magazine like Julia and Julia is appealing. Then so is just doing a German blog. Each topic alone is worth its own blog. But do I have enough interest and material on hand, let alone the passion, to keep another blog going?

These are things that I will have to consider. And I will invite you all to join on at that blog if I get that up and going. In the mean time, I will add those articles in here as they are something that I will in fact Geek out about.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some early Reim to indulge in and a plate of Kräuter Mett Wurst to devour. Reim fans, if it has been a while since you've heard "von Fernen Sternen" I suggest you dig up a copy and give it a listen. Totally 80s. Totally awesome. Totally.

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