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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shutdown or Another Holiday: How would you ever know the difference?

I have a lot of interests. Every time I come to blogger to write about them I start drawing blanks from my memory banks. From the content here you wouldn't think that there was too much really going on in my head other than a wholelotta sci-fi fandom happening. There is a lot of that to be sure.

And a lot of griping about boys.

I do think about a good number of other things: Like politics and how every choice made in Washington will eventually affect each of us a work and how to be prepared for it; problem solving work issues that I see as a freight train barreling toward us sans engineer and at full speed; where we came from in the anthropologic sense; where we are going in a spiritual sense, what it is about English literature that I find so interesting and engaging; how much awesome is in each episode of Dr. Who, is it fair to ogle the boys the way they ogle us & then complain about it; what makes it so difficult for men to see a woman as anything but something to screw; why aren't we further in our space exploration, how do I make my art profitable, why am I so scared to take the steps forward that I need to take and sooooooooo many more things.

Architecture and local history are interesting. But I don't write about that here. I could. It seems more for the art blog. But it belongs here because Architecture is something that I do Geek out about. The vast majority of photos from my Grand Rapids MI trip were of buildings. See?

I used to read a lot and I could post some of those more interesting adventures here. Currently Thomas Moore's Utopia is on my mind because it seems that we are doing a lot wrong to get to the right place for us to be. We are making poor people and condemning them for being what they were made. And we are trying to redistribute wealth, as Karl Marx proposed, "from each according to his ability to each according to his need" in much the same way that Utopia achieved this in book one. Which I guess is all the further that anyone reads. Book Two is how the whole Kti & Kaboodle collapses under its own oppressive weight. I think how it is idyllic for a time, like the Ba'ku in Star Trek Insurrection. And how stultifying it would be for me personally to live like that.

I try not to post anything too right or left wing. I can go from one end of the spectrum to the other as a reaction to the irrationality of others who are too far or to right. I am a centrist. Or so all the surveys say. And I haven't any better solutions that are capable of being implemented on a grand scale so there is little point in ranting about it here. Sure... copyright laws that draw borders in the atmosphere where telecom advances have nullified borders bothers me. That is just bad business. But I have nothing constructive to add to the budget dialogue or tax codes. And this morning I have more than my fair share of pessimism aimed at those Golden Tongued Idiots in the Capital.

Congress has shut our government down. We are being blackmailed into the kind of debilitating programs that killed the city of Detroit, some Congress persons have gotten the message and they are trying to support the people while the vast majority of Congress, backed by health industry lobbyists are doing their flat level best to force feed us the kind of bullshit they themselves wouldn't eat. So because no one will agree they have shut the government down.

What difference will it make? They only showed up to work 10% of the time they were supposed to. We are not paying them to make good choices, we are paying them to stay home and campaign for the next term. They don't work when they are there. So there is little difference between today and any other government holiday. EXCEPT a government holiday lasts a predictable and planned length of time. Entire service sectors are closed. Our National Lake Shore is closed and it is the beginning of the color season. As a matter of fact, I had planned on going up and getting some Fall shots today.

The last shutdown lasted a couple of days. No harm no foul. But this is a situation that isn't going to get fixed in four days. It might not get fixed at all. So we will keep limping along. They will keep taxing us and berating us for not doing all we could be doing to help ourselves while they keep raking in all the gifts they shouldn't be taking and wasting all kinds of money on things that they don't need. For instance, our rep, Wayne Schmidt has two offices in Lansing. ACROSS THE STREET FROM EACH OTHER. Why? Howard Walker spends 4-7 hours a day commuting between home and Lansing. Not working if he is driving. Oh wait. No I am sure he is texting/talking and driving. It saves time.

And that is why I don't write about a wider range of topics. I know which ones are safe and won't make me mad.

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