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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Stage: Placing Orders with the Universe

Remember a few months back when I felt the weight of doom hanging over my head like a carrion crow and I was all worried that it would be bad news from Germany or someone in my extended family was going to have the stuffing knocked out of them by Life? Remember how I said it wasn't anything like that & that it was my own doom I felt? Turns out it is a two prong problem.

One, work is trying to get rid of me. Two, that medical issue that I had back in the Spring has reared its ugly head with complications. I thought that there should have assistance coming. It will not. Again, kids, don't count your chickens before they hatch. So now not only am I faced with finding a new job. I have to worry about getting a 16,000.000 bill paid within a few weeks.

Worried about saving Undershaw & forgot about saving myself.... typical geek thing to do. Though I think Undershaw is more important.... and don't tell the Doctor. I don't need a lecture from a jammie dodger wielding Time Lord to reiterate that he's never met an unimportant person in all his 900 years. Hmm... or maybe  I do. Anyway, I don't worry too much because it always works out in the end.

This time though the end is going to have to be coming in the form of an Order Placed with the Universe.  So I share this link and hope that you all can help; if not in funds then in prayers and shares.

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